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We've all been there: You log in for a round of your favorite game League of Legends, start the match and your teammates start flaming right away. Feelsbadman!
But it doesn't have to stay that way, because GameBuddy's duo finder empowers you to finally find duo partners that match YOUR personal playstyle. Here's how we find the perfect lol duo partner for you:

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See duo suggestions

Gone are the days when you had to search through lists or wait for the answer in your forum post. Sit back and let us do the work. We search possible duos for you, that really fit your personal need. All you gotta do is decide!

Intelligent algorithms

We as League players know exactly how many factors are important to play together successfully and also with fun. That's why we developed an intelligent algorithm that takes countless factors into account and only suggests the duo partners that fit best

Start winning

What's worse than playing bad and losing? Playing good and losing! You can't carry your whole team if everybody is inting and flaming like crazy. But with the right team, things do not seem so hard anymore! So start to find teammates that fit you and start winning!

No more flamers - coming soon

We know that pure game skills are not everything. Soft skills, such as being untiltable, nice and gentle are easily as important. That's why we want to help you to find players who are actually nice, by providing an easy rating option for all Buddies. By that we not only want to ensure that you have the most fun, but also want to heal the community and "force" players to be nice!

Still not convinced?

Take a look at how finding the right duo teammates works

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The proof of the pudding is the eating

We got more than just words: we got experience

Why are we doing this you might ask? Because we've been there ourselves! We started working on GameBuddy because we were sick of being insulted by others and losing because of trolls and AFKs. So we started working on GameBuddy to make our dream of playing League without frustration and anger true.
Now we're bringing people together since 2017, learned a lot on the way and improved based on our experience. During this time we have not only made finding duo partners easier, but also more precise, so that we are now the most accurate player search out there. Our artificial intelligence has been trained with far more than 100,000 datasets and to date we have connected more than 500,000 buddies and made a lot of friendships and maybe even love-stories possible.

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Then find out more about other GameBuddy features

In-game News

Share all your incredible ingame experiences and get the attention you deserve. Or follow all your friends' ingame news and stay up to date. No matter if pentakills, level changes, rank-changes or a weekly summary of the performance. With the GameBuddy newsfeed you always know exactly what's going on.


Lost again and you don't know why? Find out why with GameBuddy statistics that are much more than just numbers. Our GameBuddy Score shows you how you performed compared to the average player of your rank. On top of that you can compete with your friends and the whole GameBuddy community in our external rankings. Who has the most kills, who the lowest deaths? Find out!

Buddy Streaming Program - coming soon

Are you streaming with endless effort and nobody is watching your content? Then the Buddy Streaming Program is for you! Register to be part of it and start sharing your stream with the GameBuddy community. When being part of the Streaming Program, your newsposts will be highlighted and your stream can also be found in the public post search. More information following soon!

Exclusive bages & giveaways - coming 2019

Special people deserve special things. The exklusive GameBuddy badges will be such things! Try to collect them all and stand out of the crowd. Besides, you wan win awesome prizes in our community events. Stay tuned!

Team feature - coming 2019

Play like the pros - scout and recruit new team members, plan scrims and see team statistics. We try to learn from professional teams and put this knowledge into a feature for you. Time to think and act like a professional team.

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