Update on Blog – What has changed so far? Tune In!

Update on GameBuddy Blog

Update on Blog

It’s been far too long since we’ve informed you about new topics on the rift. As you may know, the GameBuddy team consists of only three members and the team is trying its best to make the platform as good as possible. Therefore the priority of the blog was unfortunately too far behind to deliver good content at regular times.
But wait, who’s writing the text right now when the three are fighting the Evil Teemo Error at the same time?!
Greetings buddies, my name is Julian and I currently support the GameBuddy team. I will report regularly about current news and updates around League of Legends, E-Sports, and GameBuddy. So if you don’t want to miss out on anything worth knowing about us and the exciting world of League, dodge the next game and read on!

What has changed since the last time we spoke?

Free PRO

You can close your mouth now, it’s really free! We have set up another way for you to test the full PRO experience. What do you have to do for it? Whenever an invited Buddy verifies his account, you get one week PRO for free. Just copy your own, personal invite link and sent it to your friends. Our system then does everything on its own.

Share Profil & News

You finally made it out of Elo Hell and want to share it on all social platforms, but you never found the button for it? Don’t worry, just look on your profile page in GameBuddy Web and you will see a blue button which allows you to share all your posts as well as your personal score. This will inform your friends, that they have to play more to reach your achievement. Keep it up!

Better report functionality and verified users only

We improved our report functionality so that you can now attach your recent chatlogs to make reporting toxic behavior easier. It was also important to us that people with fake accounts as well as boosting intentions will be prohibited. We decided to make account verification mandatory before requesting other Buddies. In this way, you can look for new friends without being disturbed.

Private data stays private

Data privacy is very important for us and even more important in terms of our users. Therefore we improved a lot of things to protect you more from data abusage. You can read all the things we changed in our separate mail („NOTICE: Updates to Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use”) regarding that issue.

Hot Posts

The time has come: Now you can not only tell your friends about your hard-fought Elo points. From now on everybody in the GameBuddy community can interact with your posts such as giving Nice Ones and Comments. In addition, everyone can see who has the most popular posts in the community. 


Everybody loves hashtags, just like us. Therefore you can now search for hashtags as well as creating new ones. The most trending hashtags will be shown on the tab Hot Posts.

Share Videos & Links

Now that you can share your profiles, you can also share videos, streams, and links. Just copy and paste the link from a website or, in the case of a video, from YouTube or Plays.tv, and GameBuddy will immediately generate the video in your post. So get ready to post your next highlight reel!

Global Ranking (Web Only)

In the last internal app improvement, we already implemented rankings. Maybe you’re already the best of your friends, but how do you compare globally? Now you can find it out with one click and see if you can beat Fakers score.

What do you think about the new changes? Write us your opinion and good Luck on the rift!

Much love,
Julian from GameBuddy


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