League of Legends Patch 8.17: Nunu is rolling!

Nunu Patch 8.17 Rework

The Worlds are getting closer and the patches are getting smaller. It looks like Riot has kept his word so far. This is a good sign of greater stability on the rift. But as always there are some adjustments on the latest Patch 8.17. And what would those be? Put on your warm gloves, because we’re rolling snowballs!

God Tier Strong Good Average Below Average Weak

All further information is gathered from the Patch 8.17.

Snowball Nunu

There is a new yeti with his loyal companion on the rift. The Nunu rework and now called “Nunu & Willump”, but let’s call him Nunu for this blog, is playable for all players in the new patch 8.17. The playing style of the new Nunu remains largely the same. But Riot has once again looked around in the Disney section and probably adopted a few designs. Visually, Nunu now looks much more playful than the grim old Yeti we know, which is reflected in his skins as well. Nunu can still bite properly, buff allied champions and freeze the ground around him to do some nice damage. In addition, Willump (yes, that’s the boy on Nunu) throws off the enemies with a series of snowballs to root them if they stay near Nunu. His new W ability lets you run à la Sion with an ever-growing snowball at your opponents, which throws them into the air on impact. Btw you can see his huge snowball on the minimap, cool feature!

Nunu & Willump A

Nunu & Willump has gained strength with his rework and could become more popular again with his rather simple but effective kit. He’s definitely fun to play, try it out!

Small adjustments

Lower ultimate cooldowns

The champion adjustments are not so big in this patch. Bard, Rengar and Kassadin get an early and midgame buff on their Ultimate Cooldowns. That means more influence early on and better chances for an early snowball.

Bard     Rengar B
Kassadin B → A

Tip: There is an optimized rune selection for Kassadin. With the Precision and Domination Tree, he can survive longer through sustain on the lane. His main rune is Fleet Foodwork, to take advantage of the sustain and movement speed. Try it out!

No respect for walls

Kayn is known for its exotic jungle routes. Now you have to be even more careful, as Kayn can now walk longer through the walls. This will open even more doors for him in the early game. Also, hin gains more movement speed through the walls when he is in his shadow form.

Kayn B → A

Don’t worry people, Master Yi gets a buff but only on his W ability. That just means he doesn’t care what you throw at him when he uses his W. Because of the damage reductions increases in the early levels. Poor Wukong was taken out of the game in the last patches. Now he should make up some ground and get more attack speed for his jungle clear although he is still struggling.

Master Yi C
Wukong D

Less DMG on items

Duskblade’s burst damage must have been too much of a benefit to Riot. The initial proc loses 50 damage at the highest level, ouch. The Lethality goes up, but the Assassins will probably notice the difference.

Stormrazer also gets adjustments in terms of damage, reducing the critical proc damage at the beginning. In addition, the item loses 5 damage but gets 10% attack speed. The ADC will probably like it, Assassins bite the bullet.

What do you think of the new Nunu? Are the changes to the champions and items appropriate? Write us your opinion in the comments. Until then, good luck in the gulf!

Much love
Julian from GameBuddy

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