League of Legends Patch 8.18: Let’s go into Space!

League of Legends Patch 8.18

Hey everyone,

Two weeks are over. What does that mean for us hardcore League players? Dramatic changes in the next patch, not again…
It’s coming better than expected. Riot wants to make fewer changes just before the Worlds to keep the meta as stable as possible. That’s why in the latest patch 8.18 there are some small changes that are mainly related to the professional scene. However, some champions will probably look dumbfounded in the solo cue. You’ll find out who they are in the next lines. Have fun!

God Tier Strong Good Average Below Average Weak

All further information is gathered from the Patch 8.18.

Explore the Space with the Odyssey Crew

The time of Nexus Blitz is coming to an end. The alpha phase of the game mode ends with the patch 8.18. At the same time, a new PvE game mode starts, in which we fight our way through small as well as big mobs. The goal is to save our friend Ziggs from the hands of evil Kayn through the different waves of enemies. There are different levels of difficulty at the start as well as missions, loot and awesome looking new skins. So prepare to kick the aliens’ ass!

Competitive Adjustments

To the upcoming Worlds Riot naturally puts the focus on the professional scene. One of the targets is Ryze, who limps through the solo queue with a below-average win rate, but is picked again and again by the pros. Now Ryze gets a harsh nerf on his root, which is supposed to limit his flash plays. Therefore he will probably fall even further back in the solo queue.

Ryze D

Another victim is Sejuani. She loses damage on her E as well as utility on her Ultimate. These changes will probably be a suicide note for Sejuani because she only got nerfs since patch 8.14.

Sejuani E

The last one to get a club on his head is Trundle himself. He is also often played by the pros, especially the pillar can decide games alone. Therefore, Riot now puts a stop to it and gives the ability more cooldown as well as less slow percentage. Poor Troll.

Trundle C

Who’s missing on the Worlds?

In a meta where scaling reappears and control mages are seen in the middle again, Viktor can’t be missing. That’s why Black Friday arrives faster for him than for others because he has to pay less for his hex core at the beginning. That will meet his first backport.

Viktor B

Another welcome guest on the rift is Vayne. Especially when Uzi performs another Pentakill. Therefore Vayne can tumble more often to avoid possible skill shots. We are curious if she can prevail against Lucian and co.

Vayne B

Take Smite!

Now you don’t have to say or write that anymore. Since patch 8.18 smite is automatically logged into the champion selection for the jungler. You can still change your Summoner Spells afterward, but a nice little feature, which will please the “I go to the toilet shortly before the game starts” people.

What do you think of Patch 8.18? Are you excited for the new game mode? Write it down in our comments! Until then, good luck on the rift!

Much love

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