League of Legends Patch 8.16: Tanks are coming!

Tank Patch 8.16

It’s time for another patch. This time Patch 8.16. And who can laugh this time? Tanks! But wait until the end. The Metashift is beginning to take its toll. Away from chaos, one-shots, and early-mid game action, to smarter play and scaling. If you want to know why there will be more (super exciting) tank battles on the Top Lane, and what influence the changes have on the respective Champions, you can read here!

God Tier Strong Good Average Below Average Weak

All further information is gathered from the Patch 8.16.

Solo Queue Heroes

In order to drive the Metashift forward, not only tanks have to be adapted, of course, but also Assassins. First, the damage of Fizz, Wukong, and our best friend Zoe is reduced. On the other hand, Aatrox is still not in a healthy condition and has had to lose mobility. However, the burst changes don’t affect him too much. All this doesn’t sound particularly exciting, but thanks to further runes adjustments, scaling and DPS champions will regain a foothold on the rift.

Aatrox A → A
Fizz    Zoe SA

Meatballs aka Tanks

Now we come to the actual theme of patch 8.16, the stones and trees of the rift. Maokai and Malphite you think? Not exactly, it’s about a mourning mummy and his buddies. Amumu, as well as Rammus, Leona, Sion, and Nautilus, have experienced buffs and adjustments in terms of more tankyness or fewer cooldowns. These changes help the mummy, as well as Rammus and Nautilus, to possibly rise from the depths. Sion, on the other hand, remains a solid train and I have forgotten one other guy: Unbench the Kench. Tahm Kench can now use his tongue more often and gets half of his cool-down back when he eats his opponent. You should definitely try it out again on Top Lane. It will be fun for your opponent. Kappa.

Sion    Leona    Tahm Kench BA
Amumu    Rammus    Nautilus CB

Rune DMG Nerf

And once again a small slap in the face for all who love to burst their opponent from 0 to 100. The runes, Electrocute, Cheap Shot, Sudden Impact, Aery, Scorch, and Celerity have all been adjusted to make it less worthwhile to choose Assassins. Not only the damage but also the lethality and the cool-down are reduced to face the current snowball. The changes are small according to the numbers, but runes themselves are based on small numbers, so a small change makes a big difference. As a result, the precision tree regains strength as the domination and sorcery tree have lost strength due to the changes. And who’s the last one to be happy? The ADC. Assassins weakened, tanks strengthened and who is one of the best tank killers? You know the answer.

All in all, the Metashift is in full swing. Perfect to the Worlds we will probably see less fiesta, but more tactical play towards the late game on the rift. Do viewers like it? This remains to be seen. We are looking forward to the coming weeks! And you guys?

What do you think of the tank changes in Patch 8.16? Write it in the comments. Until then, good luck on the rift!

Much love
Julian from GameBuddy

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