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share games, see GameBuddy score and performances

Hey GameBuddies,

it’s about time for another biiiig update.
This time we worked on making GameBuddy even smarter and give you guys more options to tell your friends about yourself and your recent performances. Here’s a list of all the new things:

GameBuddy score:

Every game will now be represented by a GameBuddy score, which rates your performances based on averages in the community. This means that a game with a score of 50 is an average game and you didn’t do bad but also not awesome. Everything below that means, that you didn’t have the best of games, everything above that means that you did pretty darn good.

Share Games / Recent performance:

You now have the option to add a recent game to your posts or to add a summary of your recent performances. Be surprised how much detailed insight you get, when sharing a game or looking at your performance :O.

Known bugs:

  • Sometimes chat messages are rendered double
  • Some Android devices won’t let users switch between tabs

We’re still working on the major update for the apps, which will also solve those bugs. As the change is so massive, we will still take up to 2-3 weeks to complete it. Please be partient… you will not be disappointed, we promise!

Once again we want to make a huge shoutout to everyone who gave feedback. You guys are a very big important of GameBuddy, and you help us a lot! Keep it up and keep writing us, if you find any errors or if you have any ideas!

P.s. do you think that Voli is super OP right now, too?

Your team GameBuddy

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