Alpha for GameBuddy for LoL – 1.0.16

GameBuddy for LoL alpha

GameBuddy for LoL

The time has finally come and we released our first alpha version.
Since that day more than 500 users have joined our test, we played with some of them and we already received a lot of valuable feedback.

Here’s what the current version (1.0.16) can do:

  • Save and edit your gamepreference
  • Find buddies based on your preference
  • Rate buddies you played with
  • Get notifications whenever you receive a request or your requests is accepted
  • Send feedback about the app

What did we do so far?

  • We removed the random usernames which lead to much confusion
  • More space for feedback
  • Put more data into myBuddies so you can see who you play with
  • Fixed a few bugs

Known bugs:

  • New matches sometimes get stuck while animating
  • Red badges stay too long
  • Random pictures seem to confuse you guys
  • Swiping is often a little bit hard

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