Runes reforged: Support

Which runes to pick: Support

Which runes to take: Support

We’ve been talking about runes now, and last but not least we take a look at which runes to take as Support.

Supports might be one of the most exciting roles when it comes to the new runes. There are just SO MANY OPTIONS!
That’s why decided to focus three types of supports: Squishy, like Soraka or Janna, and tanky supports like Leona, Thresh or Blitzcrank.

Squishy supports

The best tree to go with squishy supports is INSPIRATION:

Since most squishy supports are ranged champs, which makes autos easy, we’d go with GLACIAL AUGMENT:

Glacial Augment runeBasic attacking a champion slows them for 2s. The slow increases in strength over its duration.
– Ranged: Ranged attacks slow by up to 20 – 40% 
– Melee: Melee attacks slow up to 40 – 50%
Slowing an enemy with active items shoots a freeze ray through them, freezing the nearby ground for 5s, slowing all units inside by 50%
Cooldown: 7 – 4s per unit

A typical rune page for a squishy support might look like this:
Squishy support rune page

Secondary tree

We think that RESOLVE is the best choice for supports as the secondary tree because of two reasons:
1. REVITALIZE makes all your heals stronger which makes it perfect for Janna, Sona, Soraka or Nami
2. FONT OF LIFE interacts with our keystone GLACIAL AUGMENT: The keystone impairs the enemy’s movement and thus triggers FONT OF LIFE, making the enemy take more damage for 4s and healing your attacking teammates by 5 + 1% of your max health. And all that with a single auto.

For supports that don’t have a heal or a shield, REVITALIZE is kind of a waste tho and all the other runes are not looking to hot as well. That’s why we would go for SORCERY as the secondary tree for squishy supports that don’t have any healing or shielding ability.

Tanky supports

For tanky supports you should stick to the RESOLVE tree, taking GUARDIAN as your keystone:
Guardian runeGuard allies within 175 units of you, and allies you target with spells for 2.5s. While Guarding, if you or the ally take damage, both of you gain a shield and are hasted for 1.5s.
Cooldown: 45s
Shield: 60 – 150 (+0.2 AP, +10% bonus health).
Haste: 20 % movement speed


A typical rune page for tanky supports might look like this:
Tanky support rune page

  • Change Conditioning CONDITIONING with Iron Skin rune IRON SKIN if you want to be early during lane phase

Secondary tree

We’d go with INSPIRATION for the secondary tree,  to get more early game tankyness with Celerity rune CELESTIAL BODY and more utility with Hextech Flashtraption rune HEXTECH FLASHTRAPTION or Future's Market rune FUTURE’S MARKET

What do you think about the new runes for supports? Do you like them? And how would you play support now? We’re excited to hear your opinion. SEE YA!


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