Patch 8.15: Early Christmas for ADCs & New Tier List

Patch 8.15 Tier List

All ADCs listen up:

Look forward to Patch 8.15. Why? Now you can finally install League of Legends again and play a round of your favorite crit ADC. Riot has finally managed to bring the lifeless marksmen back to light. Everything you need to know plus some small changes to champions, items and the release of the reworked Akali will be put together in a tier list at the end. So the champion you have to play to climb in the Elo will only be revealed if you continue reading. Stay tuned!

God Tier Strong Good Average Below Average Weak

The new Rift Ninja

I love Naruto! I hope you do, too. Because an (almost) new champion comes into the rift, Akali – The Rogue Assassin. If you are as excited as I am to try out the new Akali, but you still have no idea what it can do, then check out the blog post at GameBuddy. Her new kit makes her one of the most difficult champions in the game. However, aspiring Akali mains can reward themselves with a high outplay potential through her mobility and burst damage. A strong pick in good hands.

Akali A


ADC Patch

Drumroll, please! Did I see a rat on Bot Lane then? Maybe, because we can most likely look forward to traditional ADC again. In the latest patch 8.15, the prices of the ADC items have been adjusted. Well-known items like Infinity Edge, Stormrazor and Mercurial Scimitar have become 200-400 gold cheaper and have only experienced small nerfs regarding the late game. The Zeal items are 100 gold cheaper without any further changes. Now ADC are more likely to spike in mid-game and help champions like Xayah, Twitch, Jinx, and Caitlyn jump out of the gap.

C  B
Jinx B  A
Xayah B  B


Poor Irelia, Fizz OP?

Irelia is not going through a rosy week, Irelia has been hit by Riots Nerfgun very hard, because she was a viable pick in every lane. Riot now nerfs each of her abilities and teleport her to the back ranks of League. Although the difference between good and great Irelia players is big, Irelia can’t compete with other champions like Talon at the moment.

B  C


Who’s afraid of the great white? Many mid laners perhaps, because Fizz gets strong ratio changes. Riot enhances the base damage as well as the ratio from the reworked W ability. Conversely, every stitch will now be noticeable. Fizz is also a good counter to top tier picks like Aurelion Sol, Zoe, and Twisted Fate. Therefore, an experienced Fizz player can quickly snowball a game which makes him one of the strongest champions in the game.

A  S


The monk and the wolf

Lee Sin also gets buffs again, which experienced Lee Sin players will certainly enjoy. He can snowball even harder from the early game through his new execute effect on the Q ability. Dangerous move by Riot, as Lee Sin mains (Diamond and higher), can abuse the champion very quickly. Kindred is currently a beast in the jungle and therefore had to experience smaller nerfs. Nevertheless, with less attack speed and higher ultimate cool down, she will still remain very strong.

B  A

What do you think of the new changes in patch 8.15? Are you glad that ADCs are back? Let us know in the comments!

Much love
Julian from GameBuddy

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