Patch 8.14: Sayōnara Gold Funneling, Hello new Fizz!

Hey everyone,

Do you remember last week’s post about the glorious/horrific gold funneling strategy? Riot has finally followed their words with deeds in the newest Patch 8.14. I’m happy and you? Whether the strategy disappears completely, the pro-scene will show us as well as the creativity of the players.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that good old league cursor’s gone. Riot has reworked the cursor after almost ten years. Matching the new design, which has visually changed the game in the last years. But if you still want the old cursor back, you can change the cursor to the old one in the settings menu. It’s up to you guys.

But now lets dive into the latest changes on the rift. I have written the patch notes individually and hope that you can get some useful tips out of it. Now get a drink and start reading! Yehaa!


My friend Mundo, why can’t I kill you? Riot now wanted to fix the annoying topic a little by nerfing his laning phase. Mundo no longer gets 50% of his life back with his Q, but only 40%. The refund still doubles on a kill, but Mundo must play more carefully in early game as he now loses more life per Q activation.


Since Rakan was released with Xayah, Rakan is not to be stopped on the rift. Nerfs for his Heal ability and the Ultimate should lower his power. The cooldown of the Q ability increases from the second rank to reduce the heal in early as well as in the late game. Ten seconds more cooldown on the Ultimate does not matter too much, but the Ultimate should be used wisely.


Half a second less already hurts, even if Sejuani is still viable, we haven’t seen her so often in the last weeks. Her low win rate will not be strengthened by this.



Shen has been a frequent guest in the pro scene lately, but more often in the support role. Riot, however, is not entirely satisfied and nerfs his Q ability in the early game. Especially the support Shen suffers from this because he mostly maximizes the E ability first and therefore only leaves one point in the Q. It thus loses a full 20% of its deceleration.


Now Riot’s gonna nerf my main, Swain. But I can understand that he has become a solid pick on the bot lane. He loses 0.2 AP ratio on his ultimate. The pain is manageable because Swain is still able to handle CC with his passives, but squishies can’t be burst so easily with the ultimate damage.


Talon is currently one of the strongest champions in the game, combining a good kit with a solid win rate. He is difficult to gank, can roam very quickly, push the minion wave and make picks. Riot is now going after his waveclear. Talon players often maximize the W ability to have priority in the mid lane. 40 damage less on rank 5 makes it more difficult for Talon to push the wave and therefore are probably obliged to buy an early Tiamat to have the same effect as before the patch. Nevertheless, Talon will still be a strong mid AD carry on this patch.

The monkey is in da house or better out of the house. Although many players never really had Wukong on the screen, he had one of the highest win rates in the whole game. It was his burst damage that made carry tremble. Well, what does Riot do: First, take 40 damage from his E ability, which he usually maximizes first. Wukong players will, therefore, have to put a gear back first.


Oh, dear Zoe. Every time she puts me in her sleeping bubble, I write my name on the tombstone. Riot, however, does not think about nerfing her burst potential but attacks her W ability. The Base Damage goes down to 60 damage as well as the AP Ratio around 0.1. 60 damage is actually already a big nerf and experienced Zoe players will feel the nerf with clever use of their W. However, Zoe will still be viable as she can quickly take a carry out of the game with her pick potential and burst damage.


Ahri gets a good buff for free. Less cost on her E ability coupled with more CC duration. Just because Ahri players only put one point in the E in the early game, the 0.4 seconds more duration will be noticeable. Whether she will finally become viable remains to be seen, but this could give her even more impact in the solo queue.


Cassio buffs are always dangerous. She can become very toxic, especially when you’re playing against her. Riot doesn’t really care and gives her Q ability more base damage and higher AP ratio. In the current meta, she is still too weak against the mid-game carries. With a meta shift, Cassio could gain strength again, especially with this buff.


Let’s go worlds! Every time before the Worlds start, good old Corki gets buffed. Apparently, Riot won’t let Corki stand in the hangar. The base damage of his E ability has been massively increased early, which puts the damage output back into better times. In addition, the resistance reduction increased by 50%, especially when you put one point in his E, which leads to even more damage. We could say Corki mid Lane is viable again. Is that what we want?


Elise gets more life per level. A Little buff, which Elise players like to see, especially in comparison with meta junglers like Xin Zhao and Trundle.



The Egyptian dog will bark louder soon. Buffing his passives strengthens his early game at the same time and if that goes well, Nasus can go even worse in late.



Do we see the second Xin Zhao here? Please don’t… But yes Pantheon Jungle will be viable because attack speed is very important in the jungle. The base damage buff on his W abilities will not be so crucial, but be happy if after 2 min in the lane a Spartan jumps out of the bush trying to kill you.


Rek’sai gets a total of 0.35 AD ratio more on her abilities. It means that you should play her more! Why not actually? Rek’sai can have a lot of impact and she is still a strong jungler in good hands.



2 seconds less cooldown of her Q ability means: Even more wave clear. Otherwise Sivir is still too weak compared to other champions and who is still playing ADCs? I’d like to know.



Straight up buff for the void monster. 0.2 AP Ratio more is a good buff, especially for experienced Vel’koz players. Although 10% might have been healthier.



All Gosus, look out, Vayne gets a buff. More True Damage in the late-game won’t bring too much change, though, as Vayne already brings a lot of damage. Tanks could notice the difference a little.



Strong buffs for Vi. More attack speed in the jungle is always nice to have and 20 seconds less cooldown on her ultimate can already have a lot of impact in the early game. Especially in low elo, Vi could be a solid jungler who can quickly make picks with her point-and-click Ultimate.


This buff might make Viktor mains happy but does not address the core problem of Viktor. Lower costs on its Hextech Core would be more likely to help. Still, a nice invitation to play another round of Viktor.




At the moment his early game is one of the strongest in the game and Riot wants to prevent that. First, Aatrox loses base health and Base Damage on his Q ability. At the same time, the subsequent Qs are nerfed, since both Qs look at the base damage of the first Q. However, the damage in the knock up area of the Qs remains the same. In addition, the minion damage is nerfed in the early game to contain the waveclear. Furthermore, Aatrox can now use his dash less frequently in the early game but more frequently in the late game. The most important change, however, is in his ultimate. The bonus attack damage increases and at the same time the timer for his Q ability is frozen while Aatrox is in the revive stage. With it, Aatrox can make more plays after he is reborn. Hands up!

Is the bruiser fish coming back? Tank Fizz may become viable again. How? Riot has reworked the W ability of Fizz. His W does no more burst damage but rather DPS (damage per second) damage. When activated, the next auto attack is still empowered, causing the opponent to bleed and Fizz gets part of the cooldown and mana back on a kill. However, if the target does not die from the auto attack, the target gets further on-hit damage. However, his Q and the Ultimate no longer proc the passive bleeding effect of the W. So Fizz wants to stay longer near the target to keep the DPS of his W as high as possible. Therefore, a bruiser/tank Fizz could become effective again, as he quickly gets cool down through tank items and becomes so tanky that he cannot be killed immediately. Is it time to say again: Riot pls?

Jinx and Twitch receive minor changes that strengthen their early game. 50 more base health at the beginning can make a difference, especially in smaller skirmishes. The reduced health growth, on the other hand, has no major impact.



Interesting changes for karma. Her mana regeneration increases and her mana regeneration growth decreases. However, both are more or less balanced. Now it becomes interesting that she gets six base armor more. This means she can be better built as a tank since tank items refer to the base values. What does that mean? Oh yes, baby, Tank Karma Toplane could be the answer. In addition, her Mantra Q is buffed in things splash radius and damage, which is quite nice.


Last but not least, Sion’s Q ability is buffed. More base damage and more total AD ratio should help the train to jump back onto the tracks. Definitely a nice buff.




Riot has finally responded to the gold funneling strategy. A round of applause, please. If the jungler owns the tier 1 jungle item and at the same time holds the most individual gold, he will receive less gold from lane minions. This is a good approach to the funnel strategy. However, the nerf is canceled as soon as the jungler removes the T1 item to the T2 item. That’s why there will be a slight chance that junglers could still abuse the funnel strat if they quickly buy the T2 item and then continue farming. However, this nerf slows down gold funneling and may cause players to focus less on it.

Summoner Spells

Almost every lane takes nowadays teleport as a summoner spell. That’s why Riot says: No. The cooldown increases by one minute while the cooldown for an aborted teleport attempt is increased by 40 seconds. These are massive nerfs and punish a bad teleport play even more. Be careful next time you teleport. You’ll have to wait six minutes for another chance.



Conqueror has brought back many bruiser champions. At the same time, it is a good remedy against tanks with the true damage as well as against carrys, since the user gets up to 35 extra AD. That was too much for Riot, and me too. That’s why we now see the nerf of AD in the early game. This will make the laning phase a little easy for the opponent, as the damage output is lower than before.

The Ghost Poro has been changed by not randomly jumping into every bush you walk into. Now the user can consciously place the poro in a bush and get adaptive AD or AP when the poro is in the enemy territory. Cool idea Riot, because you can explicitly play around the Poro by placing it in a brush you think the enemy won’t notice it.


The Zombie Ward has also changed. Now only enemy wards become zombie wards and after destroying a normal ward, you deal extra magic damage to the next enemy champion. Creative at any rate. Is it worth it? More likely for supports.


That was my overview of patch 8.14. If you like it or just want to read the usual changes, let me know. Bis dahin, have fun and good luck on the rift!

Much love
Julian from GameBuddy

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