Is League of Legends still a fun game to play?



How are you guys doing? Lately, the question has been raised whether League is slowly becoming extinct. The player number seems to be shrinking, especially in view of the Fortnite hype. More and more players turn against League. So a question for you: Have you ever wondered if you play League for fun or just out of habit?

League is still League

The question is not so easy to answer, as League has been with many players for a long time. Almost nine years have passed since the release. However, the goal and the structure of the game has not changed fundamentally. We are still trying to tear down the opponent’s nexus with four random (or not random if you use GameBuddy) or selected teammates on the same map. So where is the freshness? Riot has so far managed to keep its player base on the ball through small changes, such as new champions, runes, modes, and patches. Players can choose from 141 champions (as of May 31, 2018) and equip them with a variety of runes and items. This makes every game feel different, although we always play the same champion with the same runes and items. But what leads to the problem of League?

Changes everywhere

Riot loves changes, but changes can also have a negative influence. In the last weeks and months, the league community had to go through a lot. The meta changes, due to the 2 weeks patch policy of Riot, were too rapid to react in time with suitable picks. In addition, there were big changes in our well-known jungle, which caused a lot of old-established junglers to get upset #scuttleFTW. New strategies were born, above all our favorite strategy: All-for-the-carry aka Gold Funneling. And do you know the term marksmen or better said ADC? Maybe they’re on vacation by the pool. I saw a picture of Miss Fortune the other day. She seemed happier than on the present bot lane. Who can blame her?

Riot has taken the fun out of the game for many players, especially with the latest changes to the ADCs in order to have more flexibility on bot lane. It doesn’t sound reprehensible at first glance, but it upset many players. Of course, it’s understandable to keep the game as fresh as possible from Riot’s point of view, especially since many players have jumped on the Fortnite train. Finding the balance to keep the game attractive for any active or interested player is one of the most difficult tasks. That’s why Riot should stick to what the game is for many players.

Where is the fun?

And what makes the game unique for us? Playing with my friends or alone competitively against other players. To constantly improve, to get to know and understand new playing styles and champions. To reach the elo of your choice or just to be able to switch off from daily life. These are just a few of the reasons why League is important to us. If we no longer find the reasons, we might turn away from the game. Riot has also noticed this and is currently increasingly trying to recruit new players with advertising videos. However, it is becoming more and more difficult to find new players, as League itself is one of the most complex games.

League has a big advantage, however, and that lies in the strong community, esports and companies/websites (such as ourselves ;-)) that make it easier for players to get started and improve the gaming experience. It’s precisely because of this ecosystem that League won’t just disappear from the map and keep bringing new changes to give players a better gaming experience. Whether the changes all have a positive influence, certainly not, but we can also do something to prevent League from becoming boring. Try to understand why you’re playing league. Play other games in between, because eating pizza too often is also not healthy. And let Riot learn from its mistakes, and sooner or later you will find it fun to destroy your opponents again.

How do you see that? Have you had enough of League or are you still in? Let us know! Until then, have fun on the rift!

Much love
Julian from GameBuddy




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