Is Gold Funneling the best strategy?

Gold Funneling Kaisa

What the …

Does that look familiar? You come home after a hard day, sit at your PC and want to play a relaxed round of League of Legends. The game starts and you notice that a Taric greets you in the mid lane. The actual mid lane Kai’sa apparently wants to jungle. Your first thought: Easy Win … after twenty minutes the defeat screen appears, the opponent Kai’sa has 300 CS in twenty minutes, fifteen kills and you think: I should have just played ARAM.

Congratulations. You just witnessed Leagues top seller at the moment, the Gold Funneling strategy. Probably the most annoying and most irritating way to win. Is it advisable to play this strategy or would a conservative playstyle be more successful? We show you the how to do it, how you can effectively play against it and what Riot wants to do to prevent it.


Why are there two people running around in the jungle?

Riot Games

Let’s break down the strategy for a moment. Forget everything about a traditional AP or AD carry in the mid lane. Instead, the jungler picks an old fashion support like Taric or Braumand grabs some potato chips to overcome the next twenty minutes because it won’t get any more exciting. All he does is running after the carry, shield, heal or just presses R from time to time. A kind of Soraka 2.0 playstyle, but with even less interaction (no offense).

The actual mid laner picks a so-called hyper carry, which only becomes active in the late game. However, the hyper carry reaches its valuable items much faster, since all resources of the jungle, as well as the mid lane, are funneled into him. This is especially effective in midgame, as the hyper carry is superior to almost any other champion when he reached his three item powerspike earlier than expected.

Champion combinations usually look like this

KaisaLulu          Master YiTaric

LucianBraum          GravesBraum

KarthusNunu          XayahRakan

Both champions, carry and support, start the game at the Red Buff, go on to the Raptors followed by the crab and from there, to the Midlane. From that point on you, as a carry, will already have a level advantage because you made three camps, in contrast to your opponent laner, who is just at the second minion wave. Either push out the upcoming minion wave or go for an all-in if you have enough trust in the capabilities of your support (what has been the jungler/mid before). Afterward, you will head back into your jungle and clear the blue buff side. When you are finished with your whole jungle, head back to the lane and farm more minions.

This really intensive gameplay of farming and don’t really interacting with your opponent will go on for twenty minutes. If you and your support mate have done the strategy correctly, you should have the most farm in the game and a couple of kills from roaming. From this moment on, the snowball is almost unstoppable, as you are one to two levels above the highest level champion on the enemy side and already have your core items. If you don’t run braindead into your opponents now, you can look forward to the victory screen.

Counter Funneling

Aatrox as a counter to the gold funneling strategy
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Every strategy has its gaps and gold funneling is no exception. First of all, the strategy is not easy to execute, because your team has to play very carefully. The side lanes are on their own because your jungler only focuses on farming. And secondly, the carry must not fall back due to early deaths, as otherwise the mid-game advantage cannot be played out.

Therefore, you should focus on the following points:

  • Try to create an early advantage through invades. If you can take the first camp away from the hyper carry, the funneling slows down.
  • Pick strong early or mid game champions like Lucian and Aatrox to have a strong counterpart.
  • Bring your side lanes ahead, through constant ganking, as the enemy jungler is only busy farming.
  • Strong 1v1 junglers paired with roaming mid laner can win early skirmishes more easily and take valuable time away from the hyper carry.
  • Pick some CC Champions for your team to keep the hyper carry down in team fights.

If you follow these points, you have a good chance to win the game. However, if you’re still tilting, and yes that can be the case, check out the replay and analyze how you could do better.

Riots approach on Gold Funneling

Riot approach on gold funneling
Riot Games

Riot’s two-week patch policy has made life difficult in recent months. The mid lane item changes in patch 8.9, the Jungle changes in patch 8.10 and the ADC destruction in patch 8.11 led to this unhealthy state of the game. Although some adjustments have been made to funneling in the last patch 8.13, the strategy is still part of the current meta. What are Riot’s plans for the future to restore balance?

Meddler, the lead gameplay designer of Riot, mentioned some nerfs into for the gold funneling strategy in the next patch 8.14. For the time being, Meddler assumes that this would be a temporary solution that can be replaced later or in a larger patch. Jungler who have their T1 or T2 jungle item and the most gold in the team should receive less gold from lane minions. Other thoughts would reduce the experience, although, according to Meddler, the influence would be rather small. Besides, the jungler has already had to put up with a lot in terms of reducing their experience lately. Another change mentioned by Meddler is in relation to a nerf of the support items, whereby it would have no influence on the gold lead of the carry.

Should we be happy about the upcoming changes? Yeah kinda. It’s always nice to know that Riot is working on improvements. Whether this change means the lasthit for gold funneling, we cannot say for sure. But the days will be brighter and the rift will hopefully be cleared of the current plague.

What do you think of gold funneling? Do you thin Riots approach is justified? Let us know!
Have a great day and good luck on the rift!

Much love
Julian from GameBuddy

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