Akali Rework: Now you see me, now you don’t

Akali Rework

Who likes Assassin? I’d rather be one of the first who slowly presses the uninstall button with a smile when I hear this question. But this isn’t about me, it’s about Leagues latest rework: Akali, The Rogue Assassin. For everyone else, who has always liked Assassin and enjoyed a high skill cap will be delighted with the new Akali. If you want to know how you want to make life difficult for your opponents, especially under the tower, and burst the enemy carrys in half a second, then stay tuned!


True Invisibility paired with high mobility

Passive: Assassin’s Mark (P)

Let’s start with her new passive. When Akali deals damage to an enemy champion, a circle will be created around him When the circle is formed, Akali gains movement speed towards it. As Akali moves away from the circle, she gets another burst of movement speed towards her opponent.

In addition, leaving the circle empowers her kama, in other words, your next auto attack, which simultaneously has twice the range, does additional damage and restores some of your energy. Don’t worry, it’s just the passive, the fun part’s yet to come.


Five Point Strike (Q)

Have you always wanted to be a true ninja like Naruto? Akali’s new Five Point Strike ability shoots five Kunai in a narrow radius, damaging enemies and slows them at maximum range. When the ability is used with full energy, Akali heals by a small percentage of the dealt damage. Once the ability is at rank 5, the ability deals extra damage to minions and monsters.


Twilight Shroud (W)

Let us now come to the part where some questions will arise: What was Riot thinking? Her new ability Twilight Shroud creates a cloud of smoke while restoring energy. This cloud slowly expands into a ring, I’d rather say donut, but nobody asks me. In the ring of smoke, Akali gains movement speed and she is given a new state called obscure. In this cloaked state, her position can still be revealed, but she cannot be targeted by abilities, auto attacks or towers. Isn’t that beautiful? Those who have always thought that towers are there to protect themselves against the enemy are not quite right with the new Akali.


Shuriken Flip (E)

Every Assassin needs mobility. Akali has two mobility skills but everything in sequence. With her new E, Shuriken Flip, Akali does a backflip and throws a Shuriken forward. The shuriken damages and marks the first enemy hit or the smoke of her Twilight Shroud. Akali can reactivate the ability to jump to the marked target and damage enemies while on the way.

The outplay potential with this ability is very high, as Akali can decide whether she wants to use the ability aggressively or defensively.


Perfect Execution (R)

Her new Ultimate Perfect Execution is no longer a point-and-click spell. Akali can now dash two times in a row with a short delay in between. If she hits her opponents with the first dash, she deals physical damage and the enemies are briefly stunned. With the second dash, Akali deals magic damage based on the missing health of the enemy.


Assassin Irelia?

The new Akali strongly reminds of Irelia’s rework. Both champions have are highly mobile and have an immense single-target-damage. Whereas Akali combines even more damage in her kit with a more complex champion design than before. In addition, the outplay potential has strongly increased due to her mobility and the new stealth state. Experienced Akali players will enjoy taking full advantage of the new playstyle.

Nothing is known about the numbers of the abilities yet, but Riot has already built up a reputation with not quite balanced champions aka Zoe. One thing is for sure, players who like to play immobile champions like Vel’koz, Orianna or Xerath must be prepared for the upcoming Akali rework. As with the Irelia’s rework, these players won’t have an easy time on the rift. What I can recommend to you: Make yourself a hot tea, take out the cookies and ban Akali in the meantime. Have fun!

What do you think of the Akali Rework? Do you think Akali will be overpowered? Let us know in the comments.
I’ll be off then, good luck on the rift!

Much love
Julian from GameBuddy

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